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Re: '82-83 5000 Turbo

I was talking about the type 44 body style. You really read in to things
too much. It seems for the sake of you having to prove somebody wrong.

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On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, Scott Mo. wrote:

> >Sachelle Babbar wrote:
> >  You're right and wrong. In Europe, the kg started right from the >beginning of the generation with the the tq being offered right away. >In the US, the first was the fwd turbo with the kh in 84 with the 1st >gen mc in late 85 and the 2nd gen mc in 86 and up. 
> The first generation turbo was installed in the '82-83 5000 Turbo with
> the WK engine designation, this had NO intercooler and used exhaust
> manifold pressure to open the Waste Gate. 130HP @5400 RPM. I ran across
> one of these early body style 5000 Turbo cars the other day in the same
> wrecking yard that had the '84 5000 Turbo that I got the intercooler out
> of. This WK engine was the engine that the ur-Q Turbo was based on. The
> second generation Turbo engine was the KH as came in the '84-85 5000
> Turbo. Third generation Turbo engine was the MC designation. 
> I don't follow your description of the 1st generation MC and second
> generation MC engine? Can you explain the difference between the '85 MC
> and the 86 MC? I was not aware of any difference in the MC engine
> between '85 and 86, are you referring to the change to water cooling the
> turbo? The big change in the MC engine was the dual knock sensor MC
> engine version which came into play on 11/88 and was installed in the
> 89-90 200TQ, 89-91 200T. 
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