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Glimpse of Possible Generation 2 Corrado or Audi TT Coupe

Hey All,
	The new iss of Autoweek is very interesting. It shows coverage of the
Geneva show. The pic that made me buy it was a show car called the SEAT
Bolero 330BT. The 330 stands for 330hp and the BT stood for biturbo. It
looked about the size of an A chassis but might have been a B chassis. It
was hard to tell.
	The engine is a 2.7 biturbo found in the new Audi S4. Yes I know that this
engine doesn't fit the A chassis, but doing research for VW Vortex's news
section, I found a rumor regarding Audi developing a way to put the 2.7
biturbo in the upcoming TT (due this summer). The TT is A chassis derived,
possibly with longitudinal mounting, to be competitive with the Boxster adn
Z3 2.8. This was just a rumor until I saw the Bolero. The bolero does not
have the roofline though of the TT, and looks alot like the recent Lancia
Coupe, and more angular like say perhaps quite possibly maybe standing back
and looking into the sun while squinting . . . the Corrado. 
	Think about it. The C might be due for a comeback. Coupes look like they
could be the next big thing. No I don't mean two door sedans like the
Civic, BMW 3, and VWs own CJ (Coupe Jetta). I mean coupe like could only be
a coupe with cars like the Z3 coupe, SLC (hardtop version of MB SLK),
Mercury Cougar, Toyota Solara, Honda Accord, Lexus SC etc etc.
	It makes sense that if SEAT has the Bolero (which has not been verified as
more than a showcar at this point), and Audi has the TT, that VW would have
a Corrado. I may try and get some pics and do some magic and transform the
car into a Corrado. We shall see.
	The next question is, is it B or A chassis based. Imagine a larger VW
Coupe based on a shortened B chassis already used by the Audi A4. Such a
car could feasibly house the biturbo V6 or even a V8 to go after cars like
the CLK or the Lexus SC. That leaves room for an A chassis coupe like the
CJ or even better a hatchback coupe and call it say..... The Scirocco. Yup
that's a neat name, wonder how I thought of it?-G