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Re: Roof lining on 5k/200...

I did it once in my old 85'5KS. It was a hell of a work but the result was
reasonable (not factory finish, but better thanthe hanging stuff over your
head). You need to care extreme care of the cardboard when pulling out and
installing it. The reason the lining looses grip is that the orange foam/
adhesive quits working and desintegrates making very hard to glue it again.
Do not remove the lining before pulling the cardboard out of the car, 
otherwise you will have that orange stuff all over. The cardboard is not
glued all over but in specific location at front and middle of the roof
behind the sunroof. Glue points consists of thick foam strips. When 
separating the cardboard, be carefulin not taking too much material out of 
it or breaking it. Once the whole cardboard is loose, you will need to 
strugle, swear, and pray for taking it by the right front door. The cardboard
has some flexibility but do not fold in excess. After this, the fun starts.
I did not want to put fabric again and try twice with some vinyl stuff
I found in the local fabric stores (big places plenty of ladies). An important
point here is to test the elasticity of the material. The cardborad has
prominent wells (extense holes not that deep) at front and back which will
require the material (fabric or vinyl) to deform to reach the cardboard 
surface. A very good glue is a must, as well as being patient and wait for
the drying time. A helper is also a must (for covering the large area side
by side). You will need a large and vented area, or a very understanding wife, a 
good carpet cleaner, and your aprtment living room.
Finally, the famous words: installtion is reverse of removal.

Regarding your question: lining cardboards are installed at the production
line before installing the windshield (front and back). Here a very dangerous
thought comes to my mind: What if I take the windshield off and.......


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> Hmmm....well, guess I'll strip it all off and remove all the
> seats and carpeting. Just to give it that bare rally car look. :)
> Pity if I get pulled over by a cop; how do you explain you weren't
> speeding when half the car is set up in rally mode? :)
> Just kidding. Is there seriously no way to repair the sagging
> roof lining? How did they get it on there in the first place?
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