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RE: OhNo, not license plates AGAIN!

	Andrew Duane wrote:

	>I'm thinking of ordering a new "personalized" plate for my
	>So far, I've come up with:
	>Angela thinks they're too clever, and suggested:
	>	4MYDOG	(the wagon's for Tucker)

	Just one thought.  If the State of NH lets you have OOOO, I'm
going to
	be an unhappy camper.  I requested OOOQ at the DMV office in
	and they said no problem, and issued me a paper plate with that
	registration.  Then I waited and waited but received no metal
plate in
	the mail.  I did finally receive a certified letter from the
supervisor of 
	registrations that said that they never should have issued me
that plate
	and I'd have to choose another.  I called and found out that the
	enforcement of which vanity plates are allowed is pretty much
	and capricious.  I was told I couldn't have so many 'O's next to
	other, not could I have an 'O' next to a 'Q'.  We went round and
	on this, but he wouldn't budge.  'O's look like '0's, too many
'O's next to
	each other might be hard for a cop to read quickly, a 'Q' next
to an 'O'
	might be read as an 'O', blah, blah, blah.

	I finally had to settle on 'QUA2RO'.  When I gave him that
request, there
	was a long silence.  When I asked what was going on, he told me
he was
	reading it forwards and backwards.  I guess he was making sure I
	requesting a backwards offensive Swahili word or somesuch.

	Not that I don't think you should go for 'OOOO'; I do.  But if
you get it,
	let me know cause I'm going back for 'OOOQ'.