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Impromptu Audi fan gathering - Sunday 3/22 - San Jose, CA

I thought I'd make a quick post to the list.  There may be only a
handful of us present, but anyone interested and able to attend is
welcome ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> Well I just got back from having lunch with Mike ... we'll be meeting
> this coming Sunday (3/22) at 2PM out in front of the former Lil Things
> store in the McCarthy Ranch center in Milpitas.  This place is located
> on Hwy 237 just west of the intersection of 237 and I-880.  If you are
> coming from I-880 go west on 237 and get off at the first exit
> (McCarthy Ranch).  Go straight at the light, you will see an In-N-Out
> Burgers and an Applebees on the right ... take the first exit after
> Applebees to the right ... you should see Lil Things farther back
> towards the freeway.  Hope to see you there.  BTW, if you're coming
> east on 237 take the McCarthy exit and follow around to the overpass
> over 237.  take the first right at the far side of the overpass and
> follow the earlier directions regarding In-N-Out ...