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Re: CIS v. EFI

Here is what I can add on the subject...

Probst talks about using a rising rate fuel regulator as the 
best solution to the CIS max fuel delivery problem.  This is
a boost sensative device that blocks more of the return line
to the tank, increasing fuel pressure.  Ron Wood at VW-Audi 
Specialties told me that raising fuel pressure can be hard on 
the fuel pump.  So to really turn things up you want to stick
a HP pump on the car, then add Group-7 or microdynamics (still
imported?) rising rate fuel regulator and dial it in.  Doing
the dialing in requires some knowledge of fuel pressures,
and thus the specialized guages.  To check the mixtures at
high boost, you want to be looking at you normal O2 sensor
output at the VERY least.  Idealy you would have a fast responce,
wide range O2 sensor system hooked up.  Between these two 
extremes is using an ETG to monitor Exhaust manifold temps.
Corky Bell Talks about temperatures before and after the turbo 
(like 1100f before and 800f after) as maximums.  Feel free to 
correct any gross misrepresentations, like this list neds an invitation!


paul timmerman

paul t-