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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...

Phil Payne wrote:

> The headline in "Stern" next month was something like:

>                       "Audi wondercars:  Herr Piech was right."

My father still smiles and shakes his head when he takes his '85 Turbo
on a long interstate trip and averages in the 30mpg range.  I think his
best was back and forth to Atlantic City from New York City, at a
mellow, cruise-controlled  65mph (NJ State Troopers! =8-()  ) and broke
the 35mpg average mark.  With many toll stops.  The Audi cruise control
is the most accurate I've ever seen.

Once my family owned a '75 or '76 Chevy Caprice Estate.  Anybody
care to guess what kind of mileage it got?  The only thing I remember
about it mechanically was that it had a _BIG_ engine.  Heck, it had a
_BIG_ everything.

Best Wishes,