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Re: Replacing gas pedal on '93 90S

Matt Daniels wrote:
>      I posted this earlier, but got no response.
>      Does anyone know how to remove and then reinstall a gas pedal on a '93
>      90S? What is giving me problems is trying to remove the cable from the
>      existing pedal. 

What part of the pedal are you replacing?  The whole thing, or just the
pad part?  Do you actually need to remove the whole thing?

>      [...]
>      Is there a web site that I can
>      reference for this info?

Hah!  Not for us man, sorry.  What do other people think?  Is it time
for The 12V Pages to be made?

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--Richard Jeni

>      Any help would be appreciated.
>      Matt Daniels
>      '93 90S