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Re: '82-83 5000 Turbo

In a message dated 98-03-19 14:13:26 EST, you write:

> The first generation turbo was installed in the '82-83 5000 Turbo with
>  the WK engine designation, this had NO intercooler and used exhaust
>  manifold pressure to open the Waste Gate. 130HP @5400 RPM. I ran across
>  one of these early body style 5000 Turbo cars the other day in the same
>  wrecking yard that had the '84 5000 Turbo that I got the intercooler out
>  of. This WK engine was the engine that the ur-Q Turbo was based on. The
>  second generation Turbo engine was the KH as came in the '84-85 5000
>  Turbo. Third generation Turbo engine was the MC designation. 

Actually the first 5000 turbo was a 1981 model.  How do I know??  I owned
three of them...