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Thanks for help on 200q questions

I had hoped to be writing tonight that I just returned home with a newly
purchased '91 200q.  Unfortunately, the arrangement I had with the
seller in Texas fell through ($$) at the last moment: so, the 2nd
quattro has not yet joined our family (heavy, heavy sigh . . .).

Anyway, BIG THANKS to all of you q-listers who patiently answered my
questions about (1) a reputable mechanic in the Dallas area (3 of you
recommended Lord of the Rings, so that's who checked out the car for
me), (2) the advisability of changing the timing belt on a 200 with 41k
miles, and (3) means for determining whether the brake accumulator
("bomb") was operating correctly.  I learned a lot (though not enough,
obviously) in my bungled attempt to buy out of state via the internet,
especially about 200q mechanical matters.  Perhaps one or more of you
who have made a successful out-of-state purchase could give the rest of
us some tips on procedures, pitfalls, etc.

I feel privileged to be part of this group of generous Audi
enthusiasts!  Thanks again.

Gary Bracken
Denver, CO
'87 4kcsq