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Re: Power mirror switch fix

See the 20V website for how to fix your broken lights...



'90 CQ (looking for dark '91 w/low miles)

On Thu, 19 Mar 1998, AudiJeep wrote:

> The illumination on the power mirror switch had been out on my '92 100S for
> some time now. Since the switch still operated fine, so I hated to pay over
> $50 for a new one. So I took it apart to see what made it lite up. It turned
> out to be 2 little bulbs soldered into the circuit board in the switch. I went
> to Radio Shack, and purchased a pack of 2 "micro lamps," (12V, 60mA). After
> removing the old lamps, I soldered the new ones in, and voila, it worked.
> Total cost = $1.60 (with tax). Probably been done by another listmember
> before, but just thought I'd share my little cheap fix. Now if I could just
> figure out how to replace the bulbs in that damn seat heater switch :-).
> Craig
> '92 100S (70k)