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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...

yeah rick,

i'm not trying to pull your chain, but you should be working for the porsche pr

porsche has not "won" any f1 races.  they *did* supply an turbo engine to
mclaren in 1984 for the (famed) mp 4/4 chassis, which enabled mclaren to win 3
championships.  the engine was never called porsche, but tag (technics avant
garde) because they paid the bills.  when porsche built their own (n/a) engine
and put it the footwork chassis, the whole f1 paddock fell about laughing. 
porsche withdrew the engine at the end of the year, and haven't been seen
since.  and no (in case you're wondering) they didn't win with it.

and they did win a few rally's (in the early 1970's) with the 911, which tells
you something about the state of the competition...

more races than anyone else?  doubt it.  would be an interesting trivial
pursuit question.  you'd need to define what you meant by a 'race'  fia

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 08:10:57 -0700 (MST)
>From: Harry R Glesner III <hglesner@ast.lmco.com>
>Subject: Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...
>Michael, et al:
>  Just keep it real simple, the concrete facts are that Porsche has won 
>more races(LeMans, Daytona, Sebring, more IMSA titles, Monte Carlo, 
>Pari/Dakar, F1, GT1, PSR, etc. etc) than any one else. Of corse this 
>dosen't include things like _____(fill in the blank)Touring Car 
>Championship and NASCAR for the obvious reasions. Although I've alway 
>thought that a tube frame 928 with Hans Stuck driving would be funny 
>beyond words. Could you imagin Bill France have in a fit while Hans 
>took a victory lap around Taladaga while yodling!
>  So there might be the fact based yard stick your looking for.
>Rick Glesner
>Littleton, Colorado
>'82 911 SC
>'83 RX-7 SCCA Spec Racer #27
>'86 Jetta GLi (to be replaced by the right 90q20v, white please)