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bmw quality (was '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...)

In message <7418181920031998/A37603/CSAV05/11C3A4D21200*@MHS.minedu.govt.nz> Dave Eaton writes:

> also overrated as a driving machine imho.  fast and great brakes with a nice
> engine (bit lost low down) but offset against: twitchiness at speed, ability to
> swap ends without much provocation and, in real conditions, (ie. a little bit
> of a wet road) it is little faster than a badly driven gti...

Very much agree.  There's a 1991 ("L" registration) M3 that I meet around here 
occasionally.  Over a year ago, I followed him for 18 miles along the A606, a 
very windy country road.  He opened a gap on what straights there were, but the 
rest of the time I was up close behind him, watching him fight the back end.  I 
couldn't overtake, but I _could_ have gone faster, despite 100bhp+ shortfall.

(And if Porsches are so great - where are they in the motorsport scene?)

Imagine what Audi could do in the BTCC if they were allowed to use quattro and 
their 20V four-banger without weight penalities ...

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club