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Re: Hr. Piech's quotes ...

>In message <8242421920031998/A37673/CSAV05/11C3A4EA2A00*@MHS.minedu.govt.nz>
Dave Eaton writes:
>> yeah, but i sure wish he'd thought to put a hole through the tank big enough
>> to take a pair of skis....
>But then he wouldn't have sold you an RS2.

yeah, it's a worry - i find myself looking at the occasional labrador and
wondering whether it would fit in the back of the wagon ;-)

still it *is* the ultimate stealth wagon.  the forecourt attendant today (you
tend to see a lot of these with the rs2 as with 60 litres this car doesn't have
the bulk-economy-size tank of the ur-q), said "oo err, how many kilowatts does
this have mister?  150?"

"whats a kilowhat?" i said.  

>> so ur-q owners out there - be careful!
>Does this mean I can't keep looking for these elusive spiders?
>(Have you had a go in the 20V yet?)

no, but the last-remaning-straight-20v-in-godzone has a date with a roundabout
when i get back from the honeymoon ;-)

i only hope that my mate, who is driving it down from auckland to wellington
where it will be my wedding car, hasn't heard of boris.  i though about giving
him some advice, but he's rather full of himself these days after winning the
recent trans-atlantic rowing race, and i didn't think he'd listen, especially
when i would take me 5 minutes to explain what t1, t2, trg, tshift, tmin and
tmax were.  so, to simplify things, i told him that if he had a bingle, make it
a big one...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q