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Ur-quattro tank size

In message <35127586.7BC91EAC@multiverse.com> harrison writes:

> I don't know what year yours is, but the US-spec 83-85 Ur-q's came with 23.8
> gallon tanks.

Depends whose gallon.  19.8 of ours, or 90 litres.

> > I don't know the nominal size of the tank - I lost my owner's manual long ago.
> > I _do_ know (from my credit card statements) that I put in 80 litres on 21
> > November at a cost of GBP56.80 - for you 'Muricans that's 21.13 gallons for
> > $94.29, or $4.46/gallon.

$106 for a tank-full.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club