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defending Porsche win record (sorry its long, but interesting I hope)

   Ever herd of a guy named Dan Gurney? He won for Porsche in about 63 maybe 64 I can 
look up the facts this afternoon. Just because TAG payed the bills it was still Porsche 
engineering that produced that engine to John Barnards tight requirments. Does that 
mean that Cosworth doesn't get the credit just because it says Ford on the valve 
covers? Or that you and I both know that the MB engines in both the Penskes and 
McLarens are produced by Ilmor, don't they deserve the credit?  
   Yes the Arrows program fell on its face, because Arrows and Alan Jenkens (?) was 
incapable of engineering the program correctly (look at the current Stewart program) or 
of funding the proper development of the engine. Micheale Albereto was quoted as saying 
the engine had much potental. Even Damon Hill and Tom Wakenshaw are not capable of 
setting Arrows straight why should a under funded Porsche engine be expected to do it. 
You could be correct in thinking that the "open wheel" world is were Porsche doesn't 
shine its brightest, it seems that chassis environment is were they struggle, the Indy 
Car project chassis never came together, I had a oppertunity to talk to Al Unser Sr 
after he drove, and raced the original chassis at Laguna Seca and he alluded to the 
fact that he could never find "balance" in the chassis. He was un-clear as to weither 
it was "aero" balance or mechanical balance leading to not getting power to the ground. 
But that chassis had to be moved on to the museum. The next chassis was made by March, 
and they jumped the gun on the tub material design, making the chassis complete of 
carbon, not alumimun honeycomb lower and carbon upper. Roger Penske pitched a fit (the 
man has plenty of power to get his own way) and March had to hurry up a patch work 
chassis that never played out. But Theo Fabi got several poles and one win with the 
   The 959 was to be a killer "b" car but the class was killed, so the car never saw it 
developed potental. It did go on to win the Paris-Dakar in '84 (1st, 6 th- '86 1st, 
2nd, 6th). Your contention  that the rally cars were really bad in the seventies is 
really off base. Will you contend in another 20 years that the ProDrive developed 
Subaru WRC cars shine because no one else could get their "---"stuff together.
   As far as the 911 itself goes is is reported in the December "911 and Porsche World"
#47 December '97 
     "In competition terms the Porsche 911 is by far the most successful sports car in 
the world, with over 20,000 race wins to its credit."
 Who else has won Daytonas more Ferrari? Who else has won Le Mans 13 times over all and 
I don't know at this moment how many class wins along the way. 
    Right now the GT3 program looks a little long in the tooth.This years Daytona GT3 
runners up were a bunch of very professionally acting ameture racers up against a 
professional, VERY well developed BMW effort, that has a great deal of factory backing. 
All an all Daytona all most became a Porsche sweep, after 2600 miles I beleive the GT1 
winning Porsche was only a couple of laps behind, and thats after the Bill France/Nick 
Craw weight penalties (Audi Lovers should know the pain of lead). Won GT1, won GT2, and 
was only a couple of laps behind the factory M3s in GT3. Sebring this weekend will be 
fun, because PSR is using the more Porsche frendly LeMans rules.
    Keep in mind how small a company Porsche is. There about the same size as the 
Corvett program, under Chevy, under GM.
    Audi build wonderful cars, thats why I want one to set next to my 911 SC in the 
garage. Besides Dr. Peich is blood related to the Porsche famile, and was the guiding 
light in much of Porsches racing success of the '60s, again the Carrera 6, 908, 910, 
917, and that first all inportant LeMan win.
    So I put the ball back in you court...who has been more succeccful in motorsport 
than Porsche? 
Rick Glesner
Littleton, Colorado

   I'll take that job at PNA, as long as I don't have to leave Colorado.