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Re: fog lights

At 07:37 PM 3/19/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Phil and/or Judy Rose wrote:
>>You "need help right away"? Well, why not just *turn OFF* your foglights?
>>Then your car would miraculously stop looking "odd", and you could relax,
>>take your time and figure things out. ;-)
>Awcomeon Phil. Don't you remember when *you* were 19? Everything *does*
>need to get done right away when you're 19.

Then again, I think we *don't* need another person driving around with fog
lights on all the time.

This is something that's getting really annoying in the US.  Most new cars
come with fog lights...and people drive with them on regardless of the
conditions.  In the city, in the suburbs, during rush-hour.  What is up
with that?  On a bright, sunny day, people have 'em on.  On a clear night,
people have 'em on. Arrghhh.

- Josh Pinkert
- Josh@Pinkert.com
- '98 A4q 2.8
- ISO '70-'73 or '78-'83 Porsche 911