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Re: Couple of problems w/86 CGT

NEVER use the solvent based engine flushes. They are real bad and do more
harm than good. Maybe on some low tolerance engines, they may be
acceptable, but not on an Audi engine.

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On Fri, 20 Mar 1998, Jeffrey A Blanchard wrote:

> I have been having a couple of problems with my 86 Coupe GT and would like
> to see if anybody has any good suggestions:
> 1) At startup, the engine makes a grinding/growling noise for a few
> seconds.  I have not checked the power steering pump yet, but it sounds
> like the sound is coming from directly behind the center console vents.  I
> am worried that there may be a bad cam bearing.  This is exactly the same
> sound that I heard a while back (2 years) when my rad. fan wiring harness
> broke and I overheated it.  (The sound that I heard while the engine was
> running HOT)
> The grinding occured immediately after running an engine flush through
> before changing my oil.  I put the engine flush in and then idled it for 5
> minutes, as per instructions.  During this time, the lifters one-by-one
> started to make a ticking noise until the engine was incredibly noisy and
> it seemed that they were all making noise.  I thought that this was normal
> at the time, but now I am worried that I clogged the oil filter and was
> running the engine dry. 
> 2) An annoying intermittent steering wobble.  I have had the wheels
> balanced, which helped some, but it is back again.  I haven't had an
> alignment but wanted to check on this first: The steering connections are
> tight (no play), but where the tie rods connect to the steering rack, I
> can lift the assembly up and down about 1/2" (but can't move it back and
> forth).  Is this normal?  It seems to me that this may be some of the
> problem.
> TIA,
> Jeff Blanchard
> 86 CGT