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Re: WTB: 15" BBS rim for 200Q

Arun Rao writes:
> 	Looks like one (or maybe even two) of my rims are bent slightly
> 	from an altercation with a curb. If anyone has  a couple of 15"
> 	(stock) silver BBS rims for sale, I'm interested.
> 	I thought about using this as an excuse to buy a new set
> 	of 16" or 17" wheels, but that's a pricey alternative, esp.
> 	given that I'll have to buy new tires, too. The other option is
> 	to have the Wheel Collision Center in Pennsylvania retrue
> 	and refinish my old wheel .. that may cost around $150.

Hi Arun,

There is a local (well "sort of local" to you) outfit that can fix
your wheels.  The shop is "Wheel Techniques" in Campbell, CA (on
Winchester Blvd near San Tomas Expwy).  They do excellent work repairing
and refinishing damaged wheels.  Give them a ring.

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