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Re: fog lights

At 11:53 AM 3/20/98 -0500, Sachelle Babbar wrote:
>The GM drls are horrible. Glaringly bright day or night and a *lot* of
>idiots decided that they'd rather drive at night with the drls on instead
>of their proper headlights.

No American car has *ever* had good lights. Many are designed, seemingly
purposefully, to collect snow. What are the designers thinking? 

The DRL only at night question is an interesting one. I've warned my wife
that when she starts the car she will see the glow of her city lights in
the garage...but she still needs to turn on the headlamps (at night). This
is a really good reason not to do this, btw, if the primary (or any) driver
of the car considers vehicles appliances...

A number of companies offer ignition/headlamp controls. Painless Wiring is
one such place...I'm considering changing over to their relay that would
turn on all running lights with the ignition.