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Re: fog lights

>Well, it could be worse...it could be a guy in a Range Rover with 100/130
>watt H4s at eye level...
>Oh, right. I do that. :)
>I've become convinced of the value of DRLs...so much so that I converted
>the city lights on my wife's 200T to full time use (with ignition switch),
>and put 22 cp bulbs in, replacing the wimpy ones. They look a lot like fog
>lights when they're on, and at night some people think that they're high
>beams just cos the see 4 lamps on. One of these days I may set up a relay
>to turn them off when the main lamps are on.


I read an interesting article about just this issue in a magazine recently
(I don't remember which).

Anyway, it brought up some very good points on DRL's.  One being that with
more and more cars having DRL's, people become quite conditioned to seeing
DRL's on cars, making them stand out less and less until the DRL's really
make no difference.

The other point, which really drove the first point in, was that for
decades, motorcycles have had DRL's (OK, not DRL's -- just 1 DRL).  They
worked relatively well -- and motorcycles really do need to stand out being
small and difficult to see (much more than your Rover or your big 200T
which IMHO already stand out quite well w/o the DRL's).  With this in mind,
the effectiveness of DRL on motorcycles is drastically reduced by thousands
of cars with daytime lights...

Finally, you should consider setting up the nightime killswitch sooner
rather than later -- talking about safety and blinding oncoming traffic in
the same paragraph is a sorta contradictory.

Now -- what to do about those irritating blue things...those are *annoying*

Just my (unsolicited) $0.02


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