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Enough racism

Enough already!! How many times do I have to tell everyone that I gave a
sincere apology as my first reaction? Now a qlister by the name of Al
Schwakhammer finds it necessary to keep on chastizing me about it and how
he'll talk to me like a 15 year old. He's the main one that wanted to jump
on the bandwagon and decide to attack me, repeatedly. Al and everyone,
drop it. It's wasted bandwidth, I am very sorry (as I initially said), and
it's not fair to other qlisters. This should have died the moment I made
my apology, but of course, Al can't let go of the fact that I
inadvertantly made a reference that may have been mildly offensive to
some. This is the second time now after my apology that he complains. Just
end it and we won't be so angry at each other. It's really not fair to
anyone that I have to keep defending myself. Guys, there are others on the
list and not only you.

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