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Re: Door lock failure: '90 200 TQW

Sounds like the vacuum pump for the door locks. This is the same part on any
type 44 5000/100/200V8 car 88-up. They should be available from a salvage
yard under $100. It sits under the rear seat hidden by the battery I think.

Forhan, Thomas wrote:

> Hi folks,
> This morning as I turned the key clockwise in the driver's side to lock
> it, the mechanism when went
> loose. Did not lock, but still armed the alarm. The power lock works
> fine from inside the car, and all doors lock properly from the passenger
> door.
> I called my local Audi dealer, and the service rep knew immediately what
> I was talking about. He said the cure was a "door lock upgrade" in which
> they replace an offending part with a stronger version. The estimate is
> $250-$300. Ouch!
> I could not find anything relevant in the archives :-(, even though the
> Audi service rep said is was a pretty common problem.
> Has anybody tried to fix this one themselves? I look forward to any
> advice.
> Please copy tf@pipeline.com as I won't see e-mail here until Monday.
> Thanks
> Tom F.