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Re: fog lights

At 12:38 PM 3/20/98 -0500, Ethan Pinkert wrote:
>Anyway, it brought up some very good points on DRL's.  One being that with
>more and more cars having DRL's, people become quite conditioned to seeing
>DRL's on cars, making them stand out less and less until the DRL's really
>make no difference.

Maybe in some situations. Picture yourself driving a dark car down a shady
street, with another car waiting to pull out. Your lights will give you
immensely better visibility. In New England we have a lot of these kind of
situations...in Arizona that may not be the case :)

>The other point, which really drove the first point in, was that for
>decades, motorcycles have had DRL's (OK, not DRL's -- just 1 DRL).  They
>worked relatively well -- and motorcycles really do need to stand out being
>small and difficult to see (much more than your Rover or your big 200T
>which IMHO already stand out quite well w/o the DRL's).

The Rover is a dark green, the Audi the beautiful Lago Blue. Both can get
lost on a shady street.

>With this in mind,
>the effectiveness of DRL on motorcycles is drastically reduced by thousands
>of cars with daytime lights...

Agreed. My heart goes out to motorcyclists (I'm a bicyclist and I feel even
more at risk). But does that mean I shouldn't maximize my own safety? It's
a tough call...

>Finally, you should consider setting up the nightime killswitch sooner
>rather than later -- talking about safety and blinding oncoming traffic in
>the same paragraph is a sorta contradictory.

The city lights don't "blind" oncoming traffic. I stated that the 4 lights
*appear* to be high beam because of the number of lights illuminated.

>Now -- what to do about those irritating blue things...those are *annoying*

Blue things?