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re: anyone have an old "Western Automotive Warehouse Distributors" catalog?

I was reading an old (12/93) European Car magazine, and saw an ad from
"Western Automotive Warehouse Distributors" about an Audi parts catalog, for
cars from 1970 to 1993, including a complete buyers guide, model index charts,
detailed charts on exhaust, brake pads, brake shoes, and belt apps.  It also
offers a complete section on Bosch, from fuel injection to wiper blades, Bosch
to OE and OE to Bosch cross referencing.

I called and they need a $500 order to send out a catalog; I'm not a parts
dealer, so they don't want my business.  Anyways, this Bosch to OE reference
material seems like it would be very valuable for the quattro list.  Anyone
have a catalog from them, or a source for a photocopy?  I'd be glad to create
a web page with the info if we can get it.

"Western Automotive Warehouse Distributors", 3260 East 26th street, Dept. EC,
Los Angeles, CA  90023, (213) 264-4900

Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com