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Re: 4000 Generation Differences

>> 84's had front wing windows.
>Euro version of the 4000 quattro had one piece windows even in '83.
i familiar with a us-spec 84 4kq that has the wing window.

>Don't know about FWD though.
me either.

>> 84's weren't wired for rear power windows.
>You are talking about the 4000 quattro.  That's becouse it used the
>Ur-q center console with 2 power window buttons.
could be - again i was thinking of an 84 4kq that i am familiar with.

>All FWD 4000 with power windows had rear power windows as well (in
>Canada anyways).
could be true here as well - if power was even an option in us back then...

>> center brake light was added in 86.
>Late '86 becouse mine doesn't have it.
required by usDOT for any MY86 vehicle...


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