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Steering Whell Adapters and rant

Just for giggles, I'd like to put a Grant Challenger Series steering wheel on my '875kq. I called an aftermarket mod specialty shop and they wanted $45 for the adapter. I think thats a bit high when an adapter for the same wheel to go onto a Yank car I used to own only cost about $15. Is there something wild about the wheel set-up on this car or should I look somewhere else for an adapter.
Also, I see people have been writing about the great steering feel on the older audis.  There is no compairison between my 87 5kq and 83 5ks. My 84 chevy celebrity had better steering feel than than the old 5ks, I'm dead serious about that. Yes, they had similar milage and I have checked all the bushings on the car and replaced a few including upper strut mounts.  Please tell me that you folks were talking about soething else like Q's because I really feel like vomiting when I go from my Q to my 83 5K no Q.
I hope that wasn't too graphic, I wouldn't want to offend anyone.
From:  dgrady@ct2.nai.net