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> Be careful with "KKK", it could start another "PC" debate for those
> sensitive folks

How does "K^3" work for you? :)

> Yeah, I saw that ad too, back of European Car, was very intrigueing.
> We MUST find out more.... could be a great addition to the NA engines.

I here that boost is controlled without a wastegate, the intake
vanes determine boost. Would like to hear from someone who knows more
about that feature.

The question to ask now is whether these turbos can push the same
amount of air up high as compared to a K26 and K27. They probably
spin up better than a K24 anyway, as lag is claimed to be totally
eliminated. Next thing would be to find out who is a good manufacturer
of these things and what to look out for in the specs when looking
for one. I know Garrett make these things, I even think Audi have
used one in their latest diesel (I think the first time they didn't
use a K^3. Anyone know more?), but here in SA we like to think of
Garretts as Uno Turbo pushers, not Audi pushers! :) Garrett are good
turbos, but would like to keep the car as "Audi" as possible, but
alas no K^3 with VATN. Others to look at are Aerodyne, HKS, GReddy,
Mitsubishi. Who else make turbos of the VATN type? Who make the
electronically actuated VATN units? Not really interested in the
vacuum thing.

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