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Re: KKK turbos,VATN....

I thnk you're getting closer.  The only way that variable vanes on the
intake could do anything (as I see it) would be to block flow to the
Air would go around the impeller and be drawn in by engine vacuum.  When
boost was called for, the vanes would rotate and require the air to be
into the impeller and thus provide boost.  This arrangement would allow
the shaft to spin freely and have some momentum so that when boost
was called for, the shaft wouldn't have to accelerat to provide it.

Any comments?

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On Sat, 21 Mar 1998 10:39:46 +0200 Gerard <gerard@poboxes.com> writes:
>> Don't know of any KKK sites, nor do I know which KKK turbo the audi 
>uses.  I
>> doubt it is very different than the ones Porsche uses (k-26, k-27, 
>Mostly k-24 and k-26 on the MC motors. I have a k-26 and the lag is
>very noticable, and scary sometimes.
>> I don't know anything about variable vane systems.  But from the 
>sound of it,
>> it seems that the vanes are aligned with the flow of exhaust, 
>eliminating back
>> pressure at light loads (when you don't need the turbo spinning).  
>If you need
>> the turbo, then the vanes start to face the oncoming exhaust causing 
>the turbo
>> to spool up.
>Hmmmm...I would also have thought it would be in the turbo hot side,
>but some point out it is actually vanes on the cold side that are
>not part of the impeller, but are arranged around the impeller
>housing and actuated to spin more air onto the impeller vanes. Perhaps
>when not needed the vanes lay flat and there is very little air push
>onto the impeller vanes, so when the exhaust spins the hot side there
>is no air resistance as the impeller isn't pushing much air, this
>in turn means (to me at least) that the shaft can spin almost freely
>(ie. hot side vane gets gas and starts to spin the impeller, but the
>impeller is receiving less air due to secondary vanes not assisting
>which means a more free spin. Anyone have an idea how this thing
>really works to eliminate "back pressure"?).
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