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Re: alleged short shift "kit"

> <<  Voila, short shift kit for the amateur.  Wonder if I'll like it? >>
> Let us know.
> Also, what year/model, and still have all those part numbers?
> Total cost?

I will write it up for my web site, here's the quickie:  Using a (14mm?)
die, add an extra inch or so of threads to the vertical, knob holding
shaft.  Cut off about 3/4-1". this shortens the upper lever arm.  Then
pull the horizontal shaft (a bit difficult, gotta disconnect it under
the car) and drill a new pair of holes higher then the ones it has to
connect to the knob shaft.  This lengthens the lower lever arm.  I bent
mine a bit to keep the angle it meets the linkage the same.  Now it
takes less knob movement to  acheive the same linkage movement.  Cost:
$0.00.  I like it, 5th and R are definitely easier to reach, not so
noticeable on the lower gears, I don't know why.

PS this only applies to fwd cars, the 4kq I looked at uses a different
linkage - can be done but the setup will be different.  there should be
a more coherent description, maybe with a diagram, on my web site within
a few days.

Huw Powell


'82 Audi Coupe "OO oooo OO"