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Hot lapping at Stapleton Track, Denver, 5/24/98

Fun!  Fun!  Fun!  Bring your trackworthy car and a Snell 85 or newer
helmet (M or SA) to the track at Stapleton on May 24th for an all-day,
safe, invigorating, high speed event.  This is not wheel-to-wheel
racing, but high-speed lapping under controlled conditions.  The primary
conditions are that you pass only when signaled by the car in front to
do so (and only on the straights), that you not get out of control and
endanger yourself or others, and that you follow the rules and decisions
of the Chief Steward.

This May 24 event is sponsored by the Z Car Club of Colorado (ZCCC) in
conjunction with the Colorado Motorsports Council (CMC), and is one of
several similar events CMC will host in cooperation with other clubs
during calendar 1998 .  This will be a well-organized event (ZCCC has
been doing these events twice a year for several years), with plenty of
track time for everyone.  The fee for ZCCC members is $45, for
non-members, $50.  Second drivers will be an additional $20.  Any
type/marque of car may be driven at the track, provided it passes the
safety inspection (I can e-mail you a tech form if you like).

For more information and/or a registration form, please e-mail me.  If
you need a registration form faxed to you, please contact Bob Denney
at:  bob@dimensional.com, or (303) 988-8570.

Cheers -

Gary Bracken
(303) 969-9964