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That ol' scoring sound...

Earlier in the evening last night I heard that ugly metal to metal sound in
the rear that tells me I waited too long to replace pads...  :-( 
  I had checked less than 2 weeks ago when I slipped in a replacement tie
rod end.  Well, shoulda checked both sides - the passenger side had a rusted
guide pin that caused it to wear out about 35% faster than the other.
Something to look for... Thanks, Christian for that set of rear pads you
gave me last year... Not a replacement rotor in town. Time to find Best
Price's # and get brembos and new pads...

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                                   EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
87 5KCStq 222K miles                1.85 or so... bar 
    qcusa #3442           Oviedo, Florida     plate: STLTHTQ