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gary sez:
>This May 24 event is sponsored by the Z Car Club of Colorado (ZCCC) in
>conjunction with the Colorado Motorsports Council (CMC), and is one of
>several similar events CMC will host in cooperation with other clubs
>during calendar 1998 .  This will be a well-organized event (ZCCC has
>been doing these events twice a year for several years), with plenty of
>track time for everyone.  The fee for ZCCC members is $45, for
>non-members, $50.  Second drivers will be an additional $20.  Any
>type/marque of car may be driven at the track, provided it passes the
>safety inspection (I can e-mail you a tech form if you like).

scott sez:
>I guess, in deference to this being the Q-List and all, it's only fair to sa
>the very weekend before is the Quattro Club Event at the same venue,  May 16
>and 17, Sponsored by the Colorado Region, and organized by Deb and Bob Polic
>Having attended this event last year (see writeup on Rocky mountain Web
>pages), this is a fun track, event, and well attended.  Guess two weekends i
>a row could be even more fun.

how much is the qclub event?