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Fw: On the subject of ur-quattro fuel tanks.....

I ran out of gas in the '87 4000 csq once (while I was pulling to the
forward pump). Promptly filled the 18.5 gallon tank with 18.8 gallons (still
have the receipt). I can only assume that the .3 extra gallon was the filler
neck. On the 4000 there is an adjuster for the fuel gauge. You can get to it
through the right vent on the instrument housing, it slide the face of the
gauge up and down.

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>I'm not sure what model of car you have but many of these vehicles
>have adjustable fuel gauges.  There is a plastic allen head adjuster
>in the instrument cluster face.  There are specific instructions for
>adjusting it in Bentley but you might want to just fill it to the max,
>adjust the needle to full, and carry a gallon of fuel in the trunk
>to make sure you don't get stranded.  Then see how much you can get
>Paul Anderson:>