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Clutch slave cylinder differences in the Type44:question?

I am in the process of doing my clutch on my 5k and recently had access
to a 91 20valve 200's clutch slave cylinder. The differences in the 
two are pretty drastic as well as the mounting process.

The 5k is secured via a press fit pin. The 200 uses a mounting boss with
bolt! I have considered using the (I assume upgraded)200 slave unit but
it doesnt look like I have a mounting boss on the tranny for it! I didnt
know the tranny housings changed per year with the 016?

Also the line to it is different. the 200 has a "S" shaped hard line
for the last 4cm or so!? The 5k is soft all the way, but the body
mount has a "coiled" hard line before the mounting flange to the line?

Does anyone know what prompted any of these changes?

Thanks for any help!

Triston - Seattle