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Q's (and non) for sale in Chicago

No personal interest, just FYI.

In Friday's Chicago Tribune:

'90 200, low mi,$6975 (847)459-7640
'90 V8Q - $7850/obo 847-310-0365
'87 GT coupe - $2800, 847-831-9644
'86 5kcst, lo mi, $2995 847-398-3800

Last two seem like dealers.  All sound like decent deals.

I'll offer to take a peek for non-local listers so long as they are local
enough (can find out in a phone call).

As usual, no interest etc. etc...

email me privately if you need me to take a look-see.


                    [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu