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Re: Steering Whell Adapters and rant

> > Also, I see people have been writing about the great steering feel on
> > the older audis.  There is no compairison between my 87 5kq and 83
> > 5ks. My 84 chevy celebrity had better steering feel than than the old
> > 5ks, I'm dead serious about that. Yes, they had similar milage and I
> > have checked all the bushings on the car and replaced a few including
> > upper strut mounts.  Please tell me that you folks were talking about
> > soething else like Q's because I really feel like vomiting when I go
> > from my Q to my 83 5K no Q.

> There is still something wrong with your 83.  They had great steering
> feel.  Could it be the tires?

With that many years on the bushings, they _ALL_ need replacing.
There is a TSB that says if > 40k miles, replace inner control
arm bushings (for front end shimmies).