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Re: Comparing Units - specifically little q content

QSHIPQ decided to speak these words:

>I too speak of the "whole" performance package.  If that is true, how do you
>"rate" a 2 door/2 seater, against a 4door/4seater.  Again, understand the
>point, in "depth" of field, porsche falls short.  Given the same "provable"
>method of objective perfromance, where exactly does BMW fall?  Where does 
>fall?  Top 5?  Really, which one/s?  (with what brakes might be a more
>appropriate question)

I am speaking only of objective performance, ie, numbers, and numbers 
only.  So that is how you compare a 2 door vs a 4 door, straight 
across...i am going to get an email attachment wiht my friend's 
methodology prepared as soon as i can and send it off to you...

As i have stated before, i made that statement, Audi as number 2 based on 
what i have heard and seen in regard to the potential of the turbo 
engines and the chassis...I also questioned that and hope to get a whole 
slew of objective performance numbers for the modified cars...that is all 
im saying, i didnt mean for it to sound so matter of fact...so in that 
regard, i suppose i retract my statement...only in the definite tone that 
it sounds...

>>From my pentium, putting audi in the above 'performance' category of cars, in
>'potential' or stock, has a few holes in it.  Neither here nor there.  Maybe
>we need to all take a look at the "methods", Mr. Williams.  My thinking is
>that good proof 'without holes' might put the 993tt at the top, the next 9
>would interest me more, and might just be a validity test for your friends'
>"methodology".  As one that spends a lot of time making the audi 'potential'
>of which you speak, and has driven the others, I am most interested in how 
>came to the conclusions you did.

I only came to the conclusion about audi that i did by the way that i 
stated above...i appologize for sounding so matter of fact...i was not 
stating things objectively, ad let my subjective love for the cars get in 
the way.  If a chevy were to end up number one, i wouldnt like it, but i 
would admit it...And i will get the form out to you as soon as i can.

>Subjectively and objectively, I can easily admit to being most impressed by
>993tt performance.  However, I believe you to miss my point.  Just as
>subjectively and objectively, your 'method' or mine, I don't bite on the 
>top 5".  Happy to be "proven" to have missed something.  

I am not bringing subjective performance into this at all as that is just 
that, subjective.  Subjectively, anything from a Yugo to a Viper to a 
Porsche can be number 1, it is nothing that can be proven, so the scope 
of my statements is soley in the objective...


Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
175,000+ miles, and going like a new car
Well, went like a new car.....right into a guard rail :o(