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Re: Chevron TECHRON Report

I have a TECHRON tidbit as well...

Went to PepBoys this am to look for the supposedly disappearing "full"
Techron instead of ProGuard "with Techron".  Found FIVE different Chevron
Techron products.  All had the same ratio of additive to fuel ("add with
up to 12 gallons").  There were two iterations of content.  And of course
each had it's own price.

There was:
Techron concentrate  5.99
ProGuard    2.99
ProGuard something else 3.99
ProGuard Plus with special valve cleaner 4.99
there was a 5th which I can't recall exactly which had the same name but
a different shape bottle.

The common ingredients: light aromatic solvent and standard solvent.
Some had a couple of other ingredients including "trade secret ingredient
number 9" or some such non-information.

My question:  Are these any different besides packaging and price???
I bought the concentrate.  It had no shelf tag and there were only two
left, so it looked to me like it was on it's way out.  There were shelf
tags for only three of these products.  

Can anyone make sense out of this?

Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
91 200qw ........................ 87 Coupe GT

On Sun, 22 Mar 1998 10:11:36 +0000 "Douglas Hurst Quebbeman"
<dougq@iglou.com> writes:
>> BLAUfernugen has somthing like this:
>> *Better Starting
>> *Cleans Injectors
>> *Decarbons Intake Valves,Combustion Chambers
>> *Greatly Improves Performance
>> *Recommended by Audi AG for Continuous Use
>> What, do you guys think of this?
>Yeah, saw this, it looks like the real thing. Its
>just that you've got to buy a case at a time. If
>12 per case then about $36. Plus S&H. But the
>Autobahn stuff is what they sell (or used to)
>at the Audi dealer parts departments.
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