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No audi content [manufact debate]

Interesting topic for a Sunday morning.  Sorry for the bw, phil.

I love my audi turbo quattro.  Okay?

I think however, the swiss army knife comparo is right on Sarge.  But,
realize, to many, that "knife" is a compromise almost to the point of
being a novelty.  Sure, you can cut your nails, slice some tape on a
package, poke something with the corkscrew, etc., but, is it a real
knife?  Depends on why you carry what you carry.  Me?  I'll take my
Bud Nealy pesh kabz any day.  

What has this to do with cars?  This:  Most of the TQ's on this list
are loved by the owner because of one undeniable trait:  Low entry
cost.  Buy a turbo, awd, spacious ride for under $12k?  That can be
tweeked to do some things better?  Cool.  But, as surprising as this
is [hahaha] I agree with Scott here:  For many people, on most days
[snowing?] BMW is leaving the 4 rings far behind.
While no one would feel more out of place than me at a BMw convention,
gawd I do envy the aftermarket they have.  Forget the wild V-12's in
the 318, even the costly[?] 540i's [no better sedan, imo].  Just look
at what the tuners of the 3 series, or the 5 series cars are doing. 
Geez.  Dinan, BMP, Racing Dynamics, to name a few.  M3 from the
factory flat shames what Audi is presently bringing over here.  Oh,
but you need a 4 door?  325, 328, 530, etc., from the used market and
with a few tweeks will each do the same thing.      

In my view, if you want to call a company that has its collective head
up its as*, try to deal with AudiSport from a phone in the USofA.  Do
these people really want to do business with anyone?  Audi, thank your
stars for depreciation.  If the value on the used market was not so
great, well, you could put an AudiSport cap on the lonely Maytag
repairman and call him a dealer.

I envy you Europe boys.  That is all I can say.