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Re: quattro-digest V4 #1950

HI all, I have been watching the thread on VVTs and want to add the little
bit I can.

I just purchsed and read Corky Bell's book , Maximum Boost. I highly
recommend it for those interesed in turbo applications, but are novices.It
really gave me a good feel for turbo systems in general.

Corky has worked on Miatas for some time. I purchsed one (Miata) in January
and have been waiting for one of his kits (220+ HP at the wheels in a
His latest systems use a modified Garrett T28 turbo. Previous systems have
used the Aerodyne VVT. I don't know if he still produces the VVT kit.

His book takes a few pages and explains the function and effect of the
Variable vanes. Sounds like a good way to get boost quickly and higher
pressure after...

I purchased the book from a Miata performance comapny called The Dealer
Alternative. They have it for $34.95, but I think that is retail. You should
be able to purchase the book from anyone who carries Robert Bentley books or
from RB directly.

Corky is active on a Miata Performance mailing list, his E-mail is
Corkybell3@aol.com, if anyone wants to ask him specific questions or wish to
have him contribute to this list.

I know this was a little disjointed, but I HTH,

'90 Coupe q
'92 Black Miata

>Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 16:27:28 +0200
>From: Gerard <gerard@poboxes.com>
>Subject: Re: Variable Nozzle Turbo Technology
>I'm getting confused now. The variable vane is on the hot end or the
>cold end? Some say hot end, others cold end. I say cold end, but who
>am I to say. :) Who has the Corky Bell book? Anyone read the variable
>vane turbo section? What does CB say about it? What's a cheap source
>for the Maximum Boost book? Locally it is about $50, but I've seen
>$35 or around there, but can't remember the source. I know it was
>online. Anyone know websites that deal with the VNT/VATN units? Is
>this IHI turbo manufacturer online? If I ever do a change to VNT
>from stock turbos (yeah, like that's gonna happen in my case, but I
>like the idea of learning about these things :>) then I'd love to go
>with a company who has proven success with these things.
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