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Re: kkk turbos , VATN

> I beleive the variable intake guide vanes allow a smaller turbo to
> adapt to changing operating conditions.

Eek! So which is it to be? Is it the impeller (cold side) or the
turbine (hot side) that carries the variable vanes? Some say the cold,
some say the hot. I have found only one site dealing with these babies,
but haven't found the time to go through it yet. Perhaps I should.

While at it, I have another question to throw out onto the list:

	What is the best method of control for the variable vanes?
	I hear a lot of these units have vacumm actuated controls,
	you can spot the VATN by a diaphragm housing around the cold
	side, but are there electronically controlled and actuated
	units out there? Just thinking along the lines of something
	far fetched such as a CIS to EFI conversion that takes into
	account the use of a VATN. :) *sheepish silly grin*

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