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Well, 'tis the season to find a new set of 3 season tahrs 
(I can finally justify replacing the Kumho's - no snickering 

I'll be ordering a set this week sometime in the 195/60R14 
size for the '90 80q, and am looking for any comments 
from this collective bunch.  My list of preferred traits are in 
this order:
1. No hydroplaning!
2. very good wet handling
3. very good dry handling
4. Quiet
5. some level of snow capability (for when the hakka's are 
	still 2 hrs away - BTDT)

The top of my list consists of:  Bridgestone RE 930, 
Firestone SH30, and BFG Comp T/A HR-4  ...but am still 
open to sugestions in approx. the same price range.

Have had previously (on other cars):
Comp T/A HR-4 - good (not great) all around, quiet, good  in 
	the snow, long wearing
Yok 509 - I really liked this one, but I need not to be 
	*dangerous* in the snow!
EAGLE RS-A - good in all performance aspects, but wore 
	faster than I thought it should and big $$$

jim slusser
'90 80q