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Anyone know where I can get an MC cheap? :(

Well, I don't know for sure yet, but I probably will start shopping for
an MC for the '88 5kCSQW soon ... if not another car ...

Ironically I was on the way to meet up with Mike, Wolff, Arun, Mike and
maybe others when the car stopped running and wouldn't start ... no

I didn't have the Bentley with me, so I couldn't figure out what a 2113
was, but when I got home I checked it out ... Hall sender signal
problem.  I pulled off the distributor cap and cranked the engine ...
she ain't turning ...

I changed the timing belt late last year in preparation for a trip, but
it looks like something has gone up there anyway ... and we all know
that the MC is an interference engine ... (I didn't hear what I
considered to be bad noises though ...)

I've gotta say this car has done a lot more for my impression of Audi
reliability than my urQ ever did ... I should have dumped the thing
years ago.  That combined with my experience with the '87 5kCSQ POS has
gotten me seriously considering what kind of car I'm going to get next
... I'm wondering if I can even trust the Passat ...

Any pointers for cheap MC engines somewhere near San Jose, CA would be
appreciated.  Thanks ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)