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There may be Newfie's breeding in California

 'This just in...our undercover reporter indicates this is 'almost' an
indisputible fact.  Yes folks, I'm afraid it could possibly be true.
Over to you Gerry...'

'Well Lord Jeez b'ys, I was just like checkin' out the area an' stumbled
onto this here conspiracy.  There was one, an no I'm not playin' with
Martha here, that fit the bill.  Couldn't tell from the accent though,
but I figure he probably learned to speak different, you know?  Anyways,
fer sure a Newfie.'

'Back to you Lloyd'

'What do you think are the possible ramifications here, Gerry?'

'Rami what Lloyd?'

'Ah...did you  feel there might be any possible benefit to the world as
we know it Gerry?'

'Oh, I sees what you mean Lloyd.  Well my gut, seat of the pants feeling
here Lloyd is that in another ten years it'll be safe to move to

'Well...thanks Gerry.  An' keep up the good work!'

'Fer sure, Lloyd.'

'Isn't there something you forgot Gerry?'

I think you have it Lloyd...no wait...lot's of them Audi's down here


P.S. ...and yes folks, I will pay for the bandwidth if necessary.