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Objective performance

This is from my friend who devised the way of rating cars objectively...

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Please give this to the list.

There must be an objective criteria for performance.  Come on!  For god's
sakes, a Metro is not a McLaren F1.  These are objective ideas- which one 
faster?  I define performance as all around- all the things you want to be
low, all the things you want to be high.  Take them all, find the 
read the statistics, and find the best performance car.

I take all stats I can find- R&T, MT, any car mag, manufacter's claims, 
This makes for a good all around method of finding what is objectively 
I understand that these tests are in fact never perfect or impartial, but 
DO give a good general idea, and the more stats the better.

The old subjective vs. objective idea can ONLY be applied to performance.
These are testable traits of a car, and lend the bottom line to the 
And that line is "If it is a better performer, it will show up in the 

Numbers, math.  That is the objective language.  I have developed a system
that takes into account everything that a car can do well, and should do 
The end result is a statistical analysis that lends objective truth to 
the car

It's not all apples and oranges.    

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Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
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