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Re: Attn: San Jose,CA listmembers

Buchholz, Steven wrote:
> ... sorry I missed you all today ... I hope things went well for you.  I
> was on my way when my engine decided to stop, and from all investigation
> it appears to be related to the timing belt (which I replaced this past
> November).
> It seems that something always seems to happen to my car whenever I go
> to these get togethers ... :(

We missed you. At least I wasn't on my way to or from your house where
my car always seems to break down. :) Curiously, Arun and I were the
only two people to show up in Q's. Both '91 200's BTW. Michael Williams
came in a BMW with a friend. Frank came _on_ a BMW. I didn't notice what
Michael Loeks was driving. At least there was a lot of Audi apparel.
See you,