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Tell us more

>Numbers, math.  That is the objective language.  I have developed a system
t>hat takes into account everything that a car can do well, and should do 
>The end result is a statistical analysis that lends objective truth to 
>the car
>It's not all apples and oranges.    
Mike and CM1022,
Being one known to throw around a few numbers myself, I ask, where's the beef?
The presentation sell of the argument sounds good Mr. Williams, however
without the methods, math or the statistics, a few of us only buy that a
"Metro is not a Maclaren F1".  I don't need any mathmatical theorums to
postulate this.

An attached "subjective" evaluation of  one's own "objective" device.  Not
sure we've taken a step forward here.

Respectfully subjective

Scott Justusson