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GF: Tuning for the 1.8T

Second item from Gute Fahrt magazine which is a regular feature on the
q-list is the tuning of the 1.8T engine found in the Golf 4, Audi A3, A4
and A6.

As several listers have indicated, some details of the articles in GF 3/98
would be welcome.

First is the MTM-tuned A6 1.8Tq. The 'mild' version has been choasen for
this car, upping the power to 240 instead of the usual 150 hp. The car
tested looks somewhat less than subtle: in silver, with the BTCC-like large
Audi rings on the side (albeit in blue), lowered by 40mm and with 18"
wheels, this looks bullish to say the least. The bumpers have been fully
painted in body colour, which makes them look much heavier. Twin exhausts
in 'TT-look' give the car a purposeful look from the rear.
The car has been fitted with an MTM brake kit (312mm ventilated up front!),
MTM sports suspension and MTM-modified turbo, intercooler, ECU and MTM
0-100 km/h passes in sub-7s, and 0-200 should be within reach under 30s. A
simulated 80-120 km/h passing manoeuvre is executed in 4.3s- even faster
than the recently-introduced V6 biturbo.

Tech specs
1.8 litre turbo 4-cylinder, 1781cc, 240 hp @5800 rpm, 380 Nm @2450 rpm.
AWD, standard five-speed transmission.
Tyres: 225/40 R18 on 8.5J BBS wheels.
Top speed: 245 km/h
0-60 km/h: 3.1s, 0-80 km/h: 4.5s, 0-100 km/h: 6.9s, 0-120 km/h: 9.1s,
0-140 km/h: 12.2s, 0-160 km/h: 17.0s, 0-200 km/h: 31.2s.
Fuel consumption approx 14.2 l/100 km.

Basic price for A6 1.8T quattro (Germany) DM61,000
Engine tuning including TUV DM8900

Second is a very yellow and wild A3 1.8T, breathed on by Abt. The
conversion, costing slightly over DM10,000, consists of a different turbo,
intercooler, exhaust system and ECU. This results in 235 hp and 335 Nm-
giving a 0-100 km/h time of 6.3s, to 200 in just over 26s and has a top
speed of 242 km/h. Apart from the high top speed and fast acceleration, the
engine's elasticity is remarkable. From 60 to 120 km/h can be done in only
8s. On wet streets, this can lead to uncontrollable straight-on excursions
for untrained drivers- on dry surface and with an experienced driver, this
should be less of a problem. Even so, only second gear stops wheelspin and-
sports suspension notwithstanding- this car can be a handful. This A3 is
best suited to curvy back roads instead of highway driving.

The car shown has, aprt from the engine and suspension mods, also an Abt
body kit with front spoiler, side skirts and two-part Abt rear spoiler.
This complete kit costs DM3750 including painting, mounting and TUV.

Tech specs
1.8 litre turbo 4-cylinder, 1781cc, 235 hp @5800 rpm, 335 Nm @3100 rpm.
FWD, standard five-speed transmission.
Tyres: 225/45 R17 on 8J Abt wheels.
Top speed: 242 km/h
0-60 km/h: 3.2s, 0-80 km/h: 4.7s, 0-100 km/h: 6.3s, 0-120 km/h: 8.8s,
0-140 km/h: 11.6s, 0-160 km/h: 15.2s, 0-200 km/h: 26.4s.
Fuel consumption approx 12.9 l/100 km.

Basic price for A3 1.8T Attraction (Germany) DM37,900
Engine tuning including TUV DM10,120