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Re: Comparing UnitsRe: Comparing Units

I agree with everything you said, but the ovloV 850R wagon has AWD AND the
236hp engine.  It still has a clunky, unsophisticated AWD system.  It might
be my wife's next car since Audi currently makes NOTHING that compares.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q
'95 ovloV 850 TW

At 01:36 AM 3/22/98 +0000, Sarge wrote:

>Frankly, Audi is the Boyscout of the automotive world. (Okay, Girlscout too- I
>don't wanna get sent to the ovens by the PC gestappo.) Ahem.... 
>A turbo quattro Audi is the closest thing to a "go anywhere-do anything" car
>*anyone* has ever made. The turbo quattro wagons are the pinnacle of that
>Volvo is pandering around the outskirts of this 'arena', but doesn't yet make
>a car that challenges Audi in performance with awd (the current wagon is only
>a light pressure turbo, and is the first ovloV awd offering). To qualify that,
>I'm not looking merely at what's currently in new car showrooms, but what is
>available as a reliable 'daily-driver' on the new or used market. 

>My .02